Advanced Pentatonic Lessons 46-50


Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 46


This is a pretty straight forward Rock and Roll lick. It would fit nicely during, or after, an extended solo, as it is structured right to the chord progression. It would help pull the listeners back into the foundation of the progression.  It would also fit nice as a backing to a vocalist during a tune.

It’s essentially the same lick moved along with each of the chords in the progression. It’s comprised mainly of the Major Pentatonic scale of each chord, except for the b3 which comes from the Minor Pentatonic scale.

The audio plays the lick in twice, by itself, before moving to the full tab.

Audio for Lesson 46




Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 47


This is the same lick as lesson 46, although it’s played in a different octave. Played this way it’s similar to something Jimmy Page might play while noodling around with leads as opposed to playing chords.


Audio for Lesson 47




Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 48


The next few lessons are gong to deal with a very common pattern that just about every rock guitarist should know. Once you have this under your belt you can come up with licks very similar the Page, Beck, Alvin Lee, and many, many others.

The pattern itself is VERY simple and in the next few lessons I’ll give some practical functions of it. Then I’ll show you where some similar patterns are and get you moving these things across the fretboard, you’ll be playing similar to Alvin Lee before you know it.

The lesson shows two different licks. The first is basically the pattern to get under your belt. The second is a sequencing lick to get your fingers walking through, on, and in between the pattern.

Audio for Lesson 48




Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 49


Now the fun starts.

This is four licks using the same phrasing, fingerings, and idea. I play each of the licks slow and then progressively faster, up to “Alvin Lee Speed”.

These are dead ringer for Alvin Lee and Jimmy Page licks.

All of these licks can all be played over an A or A7 chord.

The first lick is straight out of the A Blues Scale. The second lick can be thought of as the A Mixolydian scale. The third lick is out of the A Dorian scale. And, the fourth lick is nothing more than the first lick played an octave higher. Or, you can think of all the licks being created from just one scale…The A Super-Imposed scale ;)

Also, move these licks along with the chords of a Blues Progression and you’ll be cookin’ with fire!

In the next lesson we’ll move them one after the other up the strings and fretboard!!!


Audio for Lesson 49



Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 50


Ok, now we are going to take the previous four licks and run right through them, and add one more “resolving” lick into the mix.

You should be familiar with what scales I got the first four licks from. The last lick in this lesson is nothing more than an octave of the second lick, but resolving that b3 to a M3, pulling it right back into the A Major type chord.

Also, play this one running down the licks as opposed to up the licks. You might need to make a few adjustments here and there but that will only help sink this into the subconscious.

You can also use it as a bridge when trying to get from one position of the scale to another position of the scale. Jimmy and Alvin used these licks for exactly that. You can see how it moves through the positions of the Blues Scale and allows you to form bridges between them. In this example it basically bridges the first and fourth positions of the Blues Scale together.


Audio for Lesson 50