Advanced Pentatonics Lessons 51-55



Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 51

This is a short little lick based on the lasted few ideas. But itís all playing in the first position. Itís similar to many Blues Rock guitarist, SRV, Page, etcÖ

Watch the second bend on the B string. It bends and then without the sound of it releasing it moves back to the original unbent note, then proceeds through the rest of the lick.

Again, move this lick along with the chord in your progression. The only thing that changes is the positioning, as the fingering, intervals from the chord root, and the phrasing all same the same.


Audio for Lesson 51




Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 52

This is a very chromatic lick that is reminiscent of Steve Morse, Johnny Hiland, Danny Gatton, etc....

It sounds very chicken pickiní like, but crank up some volume and distortion and let it fly. This is a super kick ass finger flyiní frenzy lick. Actually itís based off a Randy Rhoads lick, although I canít remember if itís Flying High Again or Crazy Train.

The example is played slow and increasingly is played faster and faster. I find this lick easier to play starting on an up stroke on the open B string, then used alternate picking throughout.

I also included the finger that I use for it. The numbering below the image indicates what fingers to use where.

Have fun with this, itís one of my favorites to pull out during all the mindless wanking going on at Guitar Center .


Audio for Lesson 52




Advanced Pentatonic Lesson 53

This is another chicken pickiní lick that sound good cranked up with distortion. So donít hold back.

It similar to a few Jimmy Page dabblings in country.

It shows you how to play it over both an A chord and a E chord. This lick is also worth moving up the fretboard so there isnít any open strings being used, it gives new life to the ď3 fingers per stringĒ idea.


Audio for Lesson 53