Before You Start

This is Part II of the Indian Sliding Technique Series.

If you are not familiar with the basics of the Indian Sliding Technique (the Basic Slide) it will be beneficial to you to work your way through the Indian Sliding Technique Part I before proceeding with Part II of this Series.

Each lesson contains video, notation/tab, and a brief explanation. The bulk of the explanation is contained in the video.

There are two sections to this lesson:

1. a section of video's dealing directly with the scale I'll be using in the song. Follow this link to the PowerTabs version of the Scale Concepts and Exercises. The link includes the notation/tab and MIDI.

2. a section that deals directly with playing the Demonstration/Song from beginning to end. Follow this link to the PowerTabs version of the Demonstration. The link includes the notation/tab and MIDI.


Even though there is notation/tab embedded in each lesson, I suggest you also download the PowerTabs versions. PowerTabs will not only give the correct notation and tablature but will also give you accessibility to the MIDI files for each section. It will allow you to slow down or speed up each MIDI example. This will be very useful.

If you need Guitar Tabs, you can get it here: Power Tab Software 5.64MB



In preparation for these lessons, I suggest you follow this link for a review of the Phrygian Dominant Tutorial. There are over 25 examples with audio, tabs, explanations, give you many concepts directly related to this type of scale.

Also, in preparation work through Part I of this series before working through Part II.

All of these lesson presented here have a Tonic of E. The scale used is an E Phrygian Dominant Scale which you can read about in the above link. The scale consists of: R, m2, M3, 4, 5, b6 and b7. In the case of E Phrygian Dominant the notes would be: E F G# A B C D E.

All of the lessons are in Standard A=440Hz tuning.

If have an issue with the videos or want to put the Demonstration on your iPod, go here for an audio demonstration of the technique if needed.

If you would like a Backing Track from this lesson, you can download it here.

NOTE All videos are embedded except for the In Closing video. This examples will take you to