Chord Construction Series: Introduction


Chord Construction: Introduction

This Series assumes you have finished reading the Intervals Series. If you haven't read the Intervals Series please do so before continuing.

The Intervals Series is a prerequisite for this Series regarding Chord Building.

While the concept of Chords can seem complicated, there is nothing about them that can't be thought of as simply stacking Intervals. As this series progresses you should start to realize a lot of common aspects when dealing with chords.

From the Intervals Series, we learned and understand these Intervals Names listed below based on the Root note being C:

Note Name:      C      C#/Db      D       D#/Eb            E              F              F#/Gb         G          G#/Ab          A               A#/Bb      B      C
Interval Name:   R       b2/b9     2/9      #9-b3     M3-b4/b11    4/11       #4/#11-b5       5       #5-b6/b13      6/13-bb7        b7       M7     R

Building Chords is nothing more than creating Formulas using these Interval Names.

This Series will teach you terms and combinations for basic chords and then move into more advanced chords. These "advanced chords" are nothing more than taking the basic chord one step further, one step at a time.


NOTE Included on the Table of Content is a selection named "*** Reference Material ***". This selection will provide you with a quick guide covering useful Interval information for these lessons.