Diatonic Theory - Step Back a Second


Can you see how understanding "Keys" can relate to a very big picture, which relates to a very big peice of 
the puzzle?

This idea of Intervals, Scales, Keys, Chords, Harmonies, Modes, etc...is what's contained in Diatonic 

These are each parts of Diatonic Theory, and as you can see each point is important to understanding the 
function of most of the Music we listen to or will play.

And, no point is more important than any other point.

This is why I will always stress learning Keys and chords BEFORE a guitarist starts playing 

You'll see by knowing these things, these constants, these commonalities, you can lay the ground work for 
learning how Modes function. And, you can also see that without this information that Modes are NOTHING but fretboard pattern that few people ever get past and move on to using them for music as opposed to nothing but patterns.