Jonh Mclaughlin - Belo Horizante


Transcribed and tabbed by Mike Dodge, with help from Ric Troll...

This has always been one of my favorite Mclaughlin tunes. I had the pleasure of seeing John and Katia on the Belo Horizante tour. Amazing!!!

I've known the head to the song for many years. It's truly an outstanding melody. But, every time I get around to playing it, I always have to relearn it. So, I decided to transcribe it and save myself some time in the future ;)

Notice how in measures 3 and 4 he's using Minor 3rd's moving up in Whole-Steps. This is nothing but a Diminished scale! Brilliant!

And, what a KILLER bass line.

Click here for the MIDI file pertaining to the transcription.

Guitar Chart

Bass Chart