Advanced and Intermediate Guitar Instruction (in person and online through Skype!)


If you are serious about your guitar playing there's a really good chance you’ve been playing music a while, reading books, buying lesson DVD's, learning music by ear/tab/Internet/CD/notation, taking lessons, playing some gigs or steady shows, and are more than likely always looking to improve by finding “that next step”. Does this sounds like you? If so, I can definitely help.

Along with 30+ years playing experience, I have 20+ years teaching experience. I have taught privately, for music stores, in classrooms, etc... 

I am very fluent in many styles, concepts, and applications, as well as able to teach them. From Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, Modal, Blues, Raga, Fusion, Punk, Ear Training, Basic to Advanced Music Theory/Concepts and Applications, Advanced Techniques, etc, etc...I can definitely help you.

If you're looking to improve on or add to what you're doing today, looking to learn or understand a new style, or looking to play many styles, or just simply trying to dig yourself out of a rut, I can definitely help you.

I can provide plenty of references if needed. I also provide a different type of scheduling to keep your monthly cost down and make more practice time available to you.

I also offer online lessons over the Internet using Skype. To inquire please contact me at We can determine a plan for you and I'll send you online payment information.

If it's time to get serious about your playing, don't hesitate to inquire!!!


Here's a few examples that have been floating around the Net for a while now:


Rock - Original
Rock - Alice Coopers Billion Dollar Babies -
Jazz - Tal Farlow
Dixie - 12th St Rag (sorry for the scratchy intro sounds, bad camera)
Atonal/Outside Improvisation -
Country - Little Sister
Country - Don't Get Above Your Raisin' (yep, that's me about 100 years ago, the Century of the Hair Helmet!)
Ionian Modal Improvisation Lesson -
Left and Right Hand Exercise using A Major -
Miles Davis Tribute Show -
Al Di Meola Lesson -


Instrumental Rock - Digital Chips and Beer
Steve Vai-ish (Lydian Scale Demonstration and Improv)  -
Boppin' Jazz Blues Improv -
Jazz Ballad - Minor Ballad
Gypsy Jazz -
Jazz Modal - So What
Jazz Modal - Song for John
Steely Dan Rikki Don't Lose that Number (Demo) -
Groove -
Classical/Flamenco -